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The World Letter is a participatory art project

From artist Cocovan: The World Letter originally started as (what was going to be) a one-day public art installation, in May 2017. In that installation, I was writing an infinite love letter to the world over the course of 8 hours, in front of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. Halfway through the performance, a Chinese man came up and to me and asked if he could add his own message to the letter. He then added his love letter to the world to mine, written in Chinese. Spontaneously, a Turkish man also joined, followed by a German couple, then a Russian woman, and a Syrian family. All of a sudden, people from 7 different countries were writing a love letter the world together, at the same time! 

The World Letter was born.

I decided to continue the installation, and take it all around the World. I subsequently traveled to Paris, Montréal, Rome, and all across the United Stated…  The World Letter kept growing and growing. It is now 430 meters long, made of more than 20 000 letters, from people from 128 different countries, making it... 

...the longest love letter in the World!

The Letter will be finished once it has been signed from at least 1 person from every country on the planet. Until then, I will continue traveling and take the project to the 7 continents. Once the Letter is completed, I will make a digital copy of it and send it… into space, on orbit around Earth!

In the meantime, it will be exhibited around the World, and made available to read online.

And you, have you ever written a love letter to the World?


20 000+

Love letters







(1400 feet)