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A love letter to the world, from the world

The World Letter is an ongoing participatory art project founded by French-Iranian artist Cocovan, where the world writes together a collective love letter to the world. Wether during public installations, or online, more than 20 000 people have already contributed to The World Letter, from 134 different countries!

Some of the languages represented on the Letter include Gaelic, Latin, Code, Inuktitut, Sanskrit, Twi, Tigrinya, Cebuano…


Since its start in June 2017, The World Letter has traveled to 30 different cities and villages across 4 continents, and has kept growing and growing. Today, the World Letter is 1500 feet long*, making it…

the World’s longest love letter!

*450 meters


And then?

The World Letter will be complete once at least 1 person from every country will have signed it. Then, the physical copy will be exhibited, while a digital copy of The World Letter will be sent into space, on orbit around Earth!

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How to participate

Have you ever written a love letter to the world? Would you like to be a part of the longest love letter in history?

You can now participate to The World Letter from anywhere in the world!

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The World Letter is 100% crowd-funded and needs your help. Please consider making a donation so it can continue!



Cocovan is a French-Iranian performance artist and musician. Born in Paris 30 years ago, she is currently based in New York City.

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