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The World Letter is a participatory art project

where the world writes together a collective love letter to the world. 

One day, in May 2017, I set up a desk in the streets of Berlin for what was originally meant to be a one-day public performance in which I was writing my love letter to the world. Halfway through the performance, a man came up and to me, and asked if he could write his love letter to the world as well. He then wrote his in Chinese, his language, right next to mine. A couple minutes later, a Turkish man joined us, followed by a German couple, a Russian woman, and a Syrian family… Within one hour, people from 7 different countries, had all written their love letters to the world in 7 different languages, on the same piece of paper! I thought,

What if I could find one person from every country to sign this Letter? 

The World Letter was born — and I have since taken the very same desk set up, and the Letter, to 30 different cities and villages across 4 continents. From the streets of Rome, to the indigenous tribes of Colombia, from schools in France or social centers in the Bronx - today, more than 20 000 people from all paths of life, and 133 nationalities, have contributed to The World Letter. The scroll, itself, is now 1500 feet* long, making it... 

The longest love letter in the World!

And it keeps growing everyday, as people from anywhere around the globe can now contribute online by submitting their love letter to the world here. The World Letter will be finished once at least one person from every country (196) has signed it. At the end of the project, I intend to make a digital copy of it and send it… into space!

In the meantime, The World Letter will be exhibited around the world, and is available to read on the project’s social media, and here.

Have you ever written a love letter to the World?


*450 meters


20 000+

Love letters